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Our office is outside,

Our office is outside,

Closer to nature

Closer to nature

Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

Our team is more than just a group of talented professionals. It's a passionate family with one goal in mind: to create outdoor spaces that transcend expectations.

They are innovators, artists, pioneers of landscape design working with a deep commitment to make a difference in every project. They transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with excellence, innovation and pleasure in a sustainable approach.

Our mission is to offer our customers spaces that combine aesthetics and functionality, while preserving the environment for future generations.

At ARFOLIA, we are inspired by the beauty of nature and its ability to transport each person to new horizons.

into reality

Passion turns dreams into reality

Raphael SAIVE &
Franck-Johann BODENMANN

Raphael SAIVE &

Two complementary personalities, driven by the same passion for the profession.

Both cultivate a highly developed artistic sense which pushes them to seek aesthetics, creativity, functionality, comfort and respect for nature in all their creations.

They met in 2004 within "Gilbert Henchoz Architectes Paysagistes". Their expertise and creativity have greatly contributed to the company's success. In 2011, they became associate directors. In 2021, buying the group was obvious:

A new vision filled with enthusiasm, driven by innovation, sustainability, excellence and pleasure.

This is how ARFOLIA was born.

and passionate talents

Creative and passionate talents



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