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Private gardens

Private gardens

Legend has it that a

beautiful garden is the reflection

with a happy soul

Legend has it that a beautiful garden is the reflection of a happy soul

Imagine a place where time seems suspended, where the senses are awakened. A garden designed to transport you to another universe, where each step invites you to discover a new marvel while listening to the birdsong.

A little further on, a bench invites you to sit down, soaking up the beauty that surrounds you. The sun's rays filter through the branches, creating an atmosphere of softness and serenity.

In the evening, the lights come on to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. The trees, the flowerbeds, the sculptures come to life under the halos of light.

Your garden is more than just a landscaping. It is a place of contemplation and meditation, an invitation to the wonder that resembles you and belongs to you.

Magnify your garden to design a privileged place

An exterior belongs above all to those who live there. Your exterior is an extension of your home and your personality.

At ARFOLIA, we create spaces for everyone, reflecting your lifestyle and your desires. We magnify your gardens, attics, patios, terraces by harmonizing colors, shapes, materials, plants to create a space that is both contemplative and aesthetic.

We transform your outdoor space into a unique and pleasant place to live, a composition of distant views and perspectives; where you can recharge, relax and have fun alone, with family or friends.

Magnify your garden to design a privileged place

To contemplate nature
is to find beauty
in the world around you

Immerse yourself
in your garden

Thanks to state-of-the-art virtual reality and projection technology, it is now possible to see your garden from your living room.

This unique immersive experience allows you to project yourself, visualize and explore all its layout possibilities.

By reproducing your environment in 3D, you will be able to plan your projects with great precision and connect more intensely to your new living space.

Draw me a garden

Draw me
a garden

Your garden
from A to Z

At ARFOLIA, we consider each garden as a unique and personal project. We take care of every detail, from design to final delivery, to create outdoor spaces that perfectly meet your expectations.

Our creative and personalized approach applies to all phases of the project, whether you want to entrust us with all or just part of it.

  • Feasibility study
  • Creation and conceptualization from the preliminary project to the project
  • Authorization request
  • Realization of execution plans
  • Calculation of costs and tenders
  • Site follow-up
  • Selection of exceptional plants and works of art
  • Interview planning

Get inspired by our

past achievements

Get inspired by our past achievements

Make each project a new story,
what will be yours?

Make each project a new story, what will be yours?