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The eclectic garden of a family villa in Mies: between Geneva and the Mediterranean

ID card
  • Project name: Family villa in Mies

  • Location city/canton: Mies, canton of Vaud

  • Type of project: private garden

  • Project start date: 2019

  • Delivery date: 2020

  • Surface area of ​​the AMEX project: 2,600m2

  • SIA phases: 31 - 53

  • Architect: Corpus Architecte

  • Partner company: Landscape Dimensions, Ateliers Casaï

The mission

✔️ Support owners in developing a garden that meets their desires and needs.

✔️ Work in collaboration with architects to propose landscaping in harmony with the architecture of the place

✔️ Design a multiple family garden to enjoy different outdoor spaces in summer.

The brief

The land is located on the heights of Mies, in the canton of Vaud very close to Geneva. In the heart of a cul-de-sac, the plot benefits from a beautiful location with a view of Lake Geneva.

The project is part of a family entity made up of two adjoining plots. A new construction project for a family, linked to the adjacent plot owned by another member of the family. Some bridges were designed in terms of architecture and landscaping to maintain overall coherence between the two plots of land.

From the public to the intimate: the outdoor spaces of a family home with a view of the lake

In agreement with the architects, we decided to have a distribution of the garden through the house.

A reception area, upon entering the plot, stops vehicles and structures pedestrian traffic. Access to the building is via a main driveway which leads to the entrance portico. Dense planting in some places and carefully framed in others ensures the privacy of the rest of the plot.

A large mineral square extends around the house, extending from the living rooms. The dining area was strategically placed in a shaded area connected to the neighboring family plot. A few steps then lead to a relaxation area connected to the living room and the library.

On the north side, we have created a patio in the basement between the private spaces of the rooms and a sports area with sauna and hammam. Fig trees, ferns and foliage of all shapes make up a fresh and luxuriant picture of greenery.

A large area of ​​grass makes the transition between the square in direct connection with the house and the bottom of the plot with the swimming pool. This breathing space is highlighted by a pergola covered with wisteria. Benches below provide a resting area in the shade of fragrant flowers.

At the back of the house, the plant palette includes Mediterranean species. Perennials, yarrow, fennel and grasses recall elements of the South. On the front part, the horticultural palette is made up of hydrangeas, ball boxwood, daylilies, lilies... An assumed dichotomy which underlines the obvious separation between the reception area at the entrance and the rear part, reserved for family.

Streamline indoor-outdoor connections while preserving privacy

The aim of this project, both architectural and landscaping, is to reinforce the fluidity between the inside and the outside. The house, widely used in summer by the family, was designed by the architects to open as much as possible to the exterior spaces with a multitude of windows and French doors. We are part of this dynamic by proposing a fluid layout where the house flows into the garden.

To preserve the privacy of the owners, the exterior areas are designed in a gradation from public to private. First, a reception area with a framed entrance and a structured path. Once you cross the steps, the interior-exterior boundaries disappear. All exterior fittings are in direct continuity with the adjacent living rooms to create a generous reception area. At the rear, the relaxation area reserved for the restricted circle accommodates the leisure areas.

Focus on: the relaxation area with swimming pool, bowling alley and solarium

Among the owners' initial requests, the swimming pool was one of the main entities to be installed in the garden. Its positioning at the rear of the plot meets technical and property boundary constraints. But this ultimately gave us the opportunity to design a set dedicated to leisure. A stone beach extends around the swimming pool to accommodate deckchairs. Raising the bowling alley creates a solarium area and allows for the integration of benches connected to the swimming pool.

A project outlined according to customer needs

For private garden projects, the design of the exteriors is done in return with architects and clients to advise them and make our recommendations as expert landscapers. As we had carte blanche here over certain areas, we made several proposals to the owners to refine their needs and thus create a family garden in line with their desires.

“We started the exterior fittings when the finishing work began. This allowed us to check the heights, the templates, the perceptions, particularly from the floor, to be in phase during the execution”