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Public spaces

Public spaces

A place where life 

reinvents itself every day 

A place where life reinvents itself every day

Public spaces have always been the scene of encounters. A scene where bonds and memories are woven, creating a feeling of belonging. These places are the guardians of our memories. They are the witnesses of the generations who cross paths there, meet and discover each other.

On the public benches, in the flowery squares, everyone finds their story. The laughter that resonates, the friendships that are born, and all the childhood memories engraved in the walls of the city.

Public spaces reflect our common desire to live together. They are the symbol of a society that is building the future. Outdoor facilities play an essential role in this quest, by creating harmonious, functional and sustainable environments that promote exchanges and belonging.

Public spaces are the palimpsest uniting the generations in a collective history.

Projects at different scales

Projects at different scales

Landscape architects public spaces in Geneva and Nyon

Squares and squares
Streets and mobility
Sport and games
Communities and territories
Natural spaces

Towards sustainable and harmonious spaces

Each intervention in public spaces is an opportunity to restore the balance between human needs and environmental imperatives. From the first sketches of the project, we question its impact on land use, water consumption, urban heat islands, and the course of runoff water.

We are carefully studying the strategies to be developed to balance uses between mobility, technical equipment and living spaces. Public spaces are much more than just places of passage. These are playgrounds, spaces for relaxation, conviviality and rejuvenation designed for today and tomorrow.

At ARFOLIA, we create sustainable public spaces that promote the well-being of citizens and contribute to building a city where life is good.

Towards sustainable and harmonious spaces

creativity meets sustainability

multidisciplinary know-how

ARFOLIA is distinguished by its team of passionate and highly qualified experts in urban outdoor landscaping. With its research division, ARFOLIA combines expertise in tree heritage with emerging technologies such as BIM and Lidar scanning.

This collaborative approach between landscape architects, engineers and arboriculture consultants allows us to respond to current environmental issues.

Whether it concerns squares, streets, cemeteries, parks or wastewater treatment plants, we bring an attentive vision, expert know-how and the desire to create convivial spaces in harmony with their environment.

Our team is able to act as a mediator during public consultations to reconcile the needs and issues of communities and citizens. We take on the most complex challenges with enthusiasm.

for the city
of tomorrow

for the city
of tomorrow

Landscape architects Tree heritage expertise in Geneva and Nyon

Expertise & Dendrology

At ARFOLIA, we know that trees are much more than just plants. They are guarantors of well-being. We are committed to preserving and enhancing this tree-lined heritage with the creation of a more sustainable urban environment.

We are developing innovative solutions to enhance this heritage. To ensure the health and longevity of the trees, we use state-of-the-art techniques such as precision arboriculture and remote sensing.

Bim and virtual reality landscape architects in Geneva and Nyon

BIM & Innovation

ARFOLIA is resolutely turned towards the future. We are constantly exploring new techniques and new materials to create sustainable outdoor spaces. Innovating means responding to the current and future challenges of the planet.

We use the latest technologies such as BIM, Lidar, virtual reality to allow cities to model the 2030 canopy plan and measure the impacts of heat islands (HIC), air quality, and weather conditions. floor ...

and belonging

and belonging

From the study to the follow-up of the realization

ARFOLIA offers a full range of services for the exterior design of public spaces.

From the feasibility study to the follow-up of the realization, through project management, design and maintenance planning, we do everything we can to meet societal, economic and environmental challenges.

Whatever the scope of intervention, we are committed to providing superior quality personalized service to communities and public bodies, in harmony with the landscape of today and tomorrow.

A territorial reflection


A multidisciplinary territorial reflection

Make each project a new story,
what will be yours?

Make each project a new story, what will be yours?