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Study of tree heritage and diagnosis of trees in Cologny

A commitment from the municipality for the sustainable management of this natural heritage

For several weeks, the teams from the “Tree and dendrology expertise” division  of our landscape architecture design office have been carrying out the management plan for the tree heritage of the commune of Cologny.

The approach of the municipality of Cologny is part of an ambitious strategy for the dynamic management of its wooded heritage and embodies its commitment to the preservation and enhancement of its precious natural heritage.

Through this project, the municipality aims to have a complete tool which will allow it:

  • to ensure the safety of the various users on the heritage for which it is responsible
  • to know the richness of this heritage;
  • to guarantee sustainable management of trees by deciding on the future of tree heritage;
  • to renew trees for future generations.

Inventory an essential prerequisite

In this context, the inventory of all the trees which constitute the heritage of the municipality is an essential first phase. It makes it possible to acquire a set of qualitative and quantitative information on the existing heritage. More than 750 trees spread across the territory of the municipality were recorded in addition to the ICA inventory (cantonal tree inventory). This step, although sometimes underestimated, is of capital importance for the implementation of an effective management tool.

Precise knowledge of heritage

The inventory provides in-depth knowledge of the diversity and richness of the town's tree heritage. By listing each tree, identifying its species, its health and its precise location, the municipality can draw up a detailed portrait of its plant environment.

Identification of risks and opportunities

Thanks to the inventory, the municipality can identify trees presenting risks to public safety or requiring urgent intervention. Likewise, it can identify opportunities to enhance its tree heritage, by identifying remarkable species and areas with particularly interesting landscape or ecological potential.

Reliable database

By establishing a complete inventory, the municipality is creating a reliable and up-to-date database on its tree heritage. This database becomes an essential tool for long-term planning and management of trees, making it possible to monitor their evolution, identify trees requiring intervention and plan their maintenance or replacement.

Basis for studies and analyzes

The inventory also provides a solid basis for carrying out further studies and analyses. For example, it can serve as a reference for dendrological studies, analyzes of botanical diversity or assessments of the ecosystem services provided by trees.

The “Tree and dendrology expertise” center of Arfolia, a specific skill serving the landscape of Cologny

Since the creation of the “Tree and dendrology expertise” center in 2022, ARFOLIA has internal skills for carrying out health and mechanical diagnostics of all the trees in the city of Cologny. The diagnostic method of our specialists integrates a set of areas of visual investigation allowing the condition of a tree to be judged. This involves precisely evaluating the mechanical, physiological, ontogenetic and pathological characteristics of trees.

This first phase of the inventory carried out by our teams in Cologny is completed by a dendrometric inventory and a description of the different constraints and environmental factors likely to intervene in the dieback of the tree.

This second mission will be a continuation of the management plan for the town of Cologny by aiming to develop opportunities to strengthen or enhance the tree heritage through the analysis of specific related parameters and in particular heat islands.

The conclusions of this first study will set general objectives linked to the sustainability and development of the tree heritage of the city of Cologny.