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Gilbert Henchoz Architectes Paysagistes Associés SA changes name to ARFOLIA SA

It was on November 17, 2022 during an elegant evening held at our premises in Vésenaz (canton of Geneva) that Franck Johann Bodenmann and Raphael Saive, landscape architects and owners of the design office “Gilbert Henchoz Architectes Paysagistes Associés SA”, revealed our new name! Thus, “Gilbert Henchoz architectural landscape associates SA” took the name ARFOLIA SA. This event marks the conclusion of a logical transmission and the beginning of a new era. Now, passion, originality and innovation come together to design developments , always deeply respectful of the environment.

A landscape architect office created in 1988 in Geneva

It was in 1988 that the design office specializing in landscape architecture was created in Thônex in the Canton of Geneva, under the name of Gilbert Henchoz landscape architect consultancy SA. A few years later, in 2004, Raphaël Saive, DPLG landscape architect, recently graduated from ENSAP (Bordeaux National School of Architecture and Landscape) joined the office as project manager.

A few months later, in 2005, it was the turn of Franck-Johann Bodenmann, HES landscape architect, graduate of HEPIA (Haute Ecole du Paysage, d'Ingénierie et d'architecture de Genève) to join the office of studies. From then on and although it only had around ten employees at most during this period, the company “Gilbert Henchoz architecte landscapegisteconseils SA” was entrusted with more and more projects, whether it was the development private gardens or public spaces.

Growing demand for landscape architects

In 2011, Raphaël and Franck both became associate directors of the design office which then became “Gilbert Henchoz Architectes Paysagistes Associés SA”. Demands in the field of private gardens and parks continue to grow, as do urban, transcantonal and even cross-border developments - such as greenway landscaping.

Faced with strong demand, the partners opened a first branch in neighboring France: “Les Architectes du Paysage Sàrl” then a second was established in Nyon in the canton of Vaud. A global landscape company GreenArt was also created in 2020.

An evolving relationship to landscape architecture

After the Coronavirus crisis, we can see an evolution in the relationship between individuals and the landscape. Many questions arise about the way in which our living environments and our public spaces must be reorganized, in addition to the acceleration of the deployment of new technologies in daily uses and a collective awareness of climate change. .

In this new context that they perceive, Franck and Raphaël wish to breathe new life into the design office and its approach to landscape architecture. In 2021, they decided to buy the entire design offices “Gilbert Henchoz Architectes Paysagistes Associés SA” in Vésenaz and Nyon as well as the French office “Les architects du Paysage sarl”. Wishing to concentrate their activities solely on the development of private, public and urban landscaping, the global landscape company Green Art will not be part of the takeover. .At that time , the team had 25 employees.

Landscape architect: a passion profession evoked by the new name ARFOLIA

The name ARFOLIA evokes the diversity of a passion profession, where art, architecture, creativity, science, nature and pragmatism come together to imagine and design harmonious, creative and functional spaces, deeply respectful of nature. 'environment.

ARFOLIA is a team of landscape architects and landscape specialists, all driven by originality, innovation and determined to shape a sustainable future from the first phases of project design. Capable of combining technical skills and a creative approach, our teams also stand out by providing our clients with innovative technologies such as BIM, digital modeling and virtual reality.

Updated: January 10, 2024.

In January 2024, there are more than 38 talented employees who are working to carry out projects of all kinds, of all sizes, with passion and talent. A new office, ARFOLIA I Méditerranée, dedicated to the creation of private gardens around the Mediterranean basin opened its doors at the start of the year in the South of France in Nice.