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Landscaping of the prestigious Domaine Notre-Dame du Lac in Cologny (GE)

ID card
  • Project name: Notre-Dame du Lac

  • Location: Cologny, canton of Geneva

  • Type of project: Urban piece

  • Project start date: October 2006

  • Delivery date: September 2022

  • Project area: 7,000 m2 (AMEX project)

  • SIA stages: 31 to 53

  • Mandatory architect: Atelier K architectes sa

  • Partners: Martin Paysage sa 

The mission

✔️ Carry out the common and private landscaping of seven luxury villas located on a steep plot overlooking Lake Geneva.

✔️ Guarantee the integration of the entire residence into the protected landscape of the Cologny hillside.

✔️ Maintain the panorama of Lake Geneva while respecting the easements of view and preserving intimacy with the neighborhood.

✔️ Secure, preserve and enhance the aging tree heritage of the old estate.

The brief

A former wine estate of unequaled richness in the canton of Geneva, the Notre-Dame du Lac site now houses the prestigious International Institute of the same name. Our mission focused on the plot adjacent to the school. Covering an area of ​​approximately 7,000m2, this meadow embankment, a former orchard, has given rise to seven contemporary high-end villas.

Our team of landscape architects and our designers have designed all the landscaping of the plot by thwarting the constraints imposed by its topography and its location. From the creation of intimate gardens to the design of shared spaces, our team has been able to develop a project that magnifies the identity of the place.

The tree heritage

In the past, an orchard imbued with bucolism and an aging wooded grove sported this embankment, offering an enlarged play area to the students of the Notre-Dame du Lac Institute.

After an in-depth study of the existing vegetation, we were able to highlight its qualities and determine the trees to be preserved for a respectful installation project.

In anticipation of the arrival of future residents, we have pre-vegetated the bottom of the plot by erecting a native hedge creating intimacy between students and residents. To strengthen the plant environment, we have preserved and replanted major trees.

In order to respect the heritage of the site, greedy fruit trees have been reintroduced in the private gardens.

The project

Access to the villas is revealed by a sumptuous private driveway, lined with majestic trees. It leads directly to an exclusive underground car park, clad in marble and bathed in light, located just below the residences.

For pedestrians, a generous side staircase unfolds, inviting a gentle ascent along the landscape scenography. It serves the central aisle and offers discreet access to the rear of the residences. This skillful layout favors both the privacy of the residents and the fluidity of movement through the outdoor spaces.

Between the two new rows of villas, the central alley, a veritable jewel reserved for pedestrians, meanders gracefully, erasing the rigid borders. Its wavy design creates a warm atmosphere, offering alcoves conducive to exchanges. The wooded covering harmoniously connects the entrances, cradled by organic plantations with captivating shapes. An uninterrupted curved bench, in pure white, emphasizes the layout and offers seating conducive to sharing. Rounded pebbles add a friendly touch. At the heart of this space, a fountain soothes the senses while a belvedere rises proudly offering a privileged view of the lake.

In the same spirit, the private gardens are a real invitation to wonder. Every detail has been thought out to offer the best experience: one that combines elegance and tranquility. The undulating plantations between each garden and around the private swimming pools make you forget the parcel boundaries while guaranteeing privacy between the neighbours. The varietal choice made takes into account a notion of easy upkeep. Fruit trees and selected vegetation add a refreshing and gourmet note to this harmonious picture.

A landscape scenography that blurs the limits

A role of mediator throughout the project
We worked closely with all stakeholders, facilitating exchanges and seeking mutually beneficial solutions. In connection with the construction services, we ensured the conformity of the project on this protected landscape site. Our harmonious coordination between the school, the neighborhood, the engineers and the architects ensured the success of the project. Our expertise and collaborative approach were key to ensuring consistency, requirements and everyone's satisfaction.
A real landscape challenge where elegance, harmony and intimacy come together to create an exceptional living experience.